About This Blog

The What

Posts made to this blog consist mainly of original poetry and devotional writings about the Christian life.

The Why

God is so good.  Not only does he pull men up out of the miry pit, he also puts “a new song in [their] mouths, a song of praise to… God” (Psalm 40:3a).  So God’s salvation is not merely a saving us from something.  It’s a saving us to something.  He saves us from the pit, but that’s not all.  He gives us a song to sing.  A new song.  A song of praise to him for his greatness.  And those songs have a specific end that they are to accomplish.  “Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the LORD” (Psalm 40:3b).  When the God of the universe pulls a man up out of the pit, that man can’t help but sing.  And when he does, people can’t help but overhear.  And when people overhear the unbridled praises of a man to his God at his awesome work, the end result is their fear and trust in that same great, redeeming, song-giving God.

My Hope

This great God has saved me.  He’s saved me from hell, from sin, and from my own destructive behavior.  May my words here be songs to your ears.  May the result be a sense of wonder at the greatness of God in saving sinners and a sense of hope that he’s worth trusting in yourself.

Some Notes

Please feel free to share something that you’ve found encouraging with others you know. Consider posting it on Facebook, tweeting it, e-mailing it, or printing it out and giving someone a paper copy. Unless otherwise cited, all work on this blog is original. When you share, then, please include a reference to this blog and its author. Thanks.

Scripture references are taken from the English Standard Version unless otherwise specified.

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