God’s Peace

God’s peace is trembling joy before a God
Most holy bidding you to come through Love’s
Rich blood despite gross sin and you accept.

God’s peace is freedom from a conscience long
Held captive ’neath a guilty verdict now
Declared both just and free in heaven’s courts.

God’s peace is utter confidence before
A righteous judge that Jesus’ blood prevails
Though self’s and Satan’s voice indict your guilt.

God’s peace is standing naked, unashamed
Of defects unacceptable to man’s
Critique, for Christ makes you acceptable.

God’s peace is liberty from prideful, self-
Awarded righteousness that seemed, yet failed,
To offer true and lasting happiness.

God’s peace is rest for man’s long-labored soul,
Distraught and hopeless as it toiled night
And day to gain God’s love and earn his smile.

God’s peace is liberation from one’s fears
Of man to finally fear the one who kills
Both soul and body, not mere temporal life.

God’s peace is untold joy in leaving all
To follow God’s dear Son, though ridiculed
And never understood by those you love.

God’s peace is having lost all footholds you
Had carved ensuring your security
And finding something greater holds you fast.

God’s peace is having all life’s props knocked out
From under you at once, and though night falls
And light is dim, hope’s candle burns unquenched.

God’s peace is being stripped of every last
Enslaving idol you adored to have
Them all replaced with him who truly fills.

God’s peace is lying down at night to sleep
With twenty-seven things undone assured
Tomorrow’s grace will flow abundantly.

God’s peace is quiet resolution when
The doctor enters after what has seemed
Like years, his eyes downcast and face forlorn.

God’s peace is standing near a loved one’s grave
And smiling through the bitter tears, for faith
Had reconciled both you and her to him.

How long my heart did ache for you, sweet peace—
That for a moment tumult’s rage would cease
And I would find at last true joy and rest!
True peace became my soul’s undying quest.

The Maker of my longings knows them well
And knows how best to placate ocean swells.
And wanting me to have this peace so craved,
He kindly leaves all other paths unpaved.

He opens up before my yearning mind
But one path, long and treacherous and lined
With deadly snares and pitfalls on all sides,
For he knows at its end true peace resides.

So though the path that leads to peace is hard
And this faint nomad’s history is marred
With failed attempts to find his way alone,
He strives by grace to make such peace his own.

And strangely I’ve not yet arrived at this
Path’s end God’s sent me down. It’s strange, for bliss
Is mine not when I’m strong nor travel’s fair.
It’s mine when I am weak and God is there.

© 2011 Eric Evans