Black Night

Black night, then, great God? You’ve chosen black night
For this your little sheep to wander through,
Cold, shiv’ring, bleating as he follows you
So close behind your steady gate, your sight
Set firmly on your lamb though doubt and fright
Enshroud his moonless route? To him be true!
Lead down a trail that gleams with morning dew
In dawn’s fair light, but please, great God—black night?

Hush now, dear sheep, and shadow close beside
The Maker of the path and of the light
That you so long for; let me be your guide!
Could I not speak and banish dark forthright?
For good I chose this road that you now chide,
So follow on though my choice be black night.

3 thoughts on “Black Night

  1. Love this, Eric! Some of these black nights carve deeply into the soul and shapes the face of our faith making it painfully more beautiful, like a plastic surgery of the soul…

    1. Thanks, Jeff. Life definitely feels like surgery sometimes. The hard part is to trust the Surgeon knows what he’s doing. Do we really believe we’re in good hands? I’ve been thinking about that question for the past month or so now. I do believe I am, even as I beg God to help my unbelief.

      (As you can see, I haven’t updated this old poetry blog on a long time, but I am currently blogging at where I write the stories and my wife Laura takes the pictures.)

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