In the Shadow of the Shepherd

Your dear sheep bleats to hear his shepherd’s voice
and longs for revelation of his choice
of what awaits the flock just down the path;
Are stored up long-sought streams or desert’s wrath?
And how long must he wait just out of sight
of what’s around the bend—bleak dark or light?
Small, tired feet desire this day’s close—
to be there now—and yet the shepherd slows
until he halts and stares on up ahead
while silently behind him his sheep dreads
that this stop may be long and hard to bear.
Desiring what’s to come, he trusts his care.
So wait, dear sheep, though bleat all that you will,
for he who’s led you thus far leads you still.

© 2013 Eric Evans

5 thoughts on “In the Shadow of the Shepherd

    1. My pleasure. I wrote this poem a little over a year ago, and you remember what was going on in my life a little over a year ago. A lot of things have changed since then! Praise God for that! Yet I am glad for those hard times. I learned a lot and have been very much refined. Not to mention, I was able to get a lot of good material for poems out of the situation!

    1. I’m so glad to hear. It’s amazing to think that I posted this poem on this old poetry blog of mine over five years ago, and God orchestrated the universe so that you would read it today. Keep encouraged. He hasn’t taken his eye off you for a second. Thanks for stopping by and reading. (As you can see, I haven’t updated this old poetry blog of mine in a long time, but for the past seven months or so I’ve been writing stories and posting them at May they be a blessing to you.)

      1. Thanks… Yes, thankful God orchestrates the biggest of things and smallest of details and cares for us in the midst…. I’ll be sure to stop by your new site.

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