Then Boast

When your mind rocks because of your inept abilities
to judge obscure perplexities, then boast.

When Satan’s power overwhelms the senses, causing you to flit and flitter,
helpless as a falling autumn leaf, then boast.

When your weak flesh has failed in strength and you’re incapable
of bearing one more moment in the fray in your own might, then boast.

When insults well-deserved and laced with piercing truth
cut your already reeling heart like arrows from an expert archer’s bow, then boast.

When your fool mouth is speechless, words escaping your frail mind
in moments too imperative to pass, it seems, without divine remarks, then boast.

When your internal weaknesses inhibit you from tasting victor’s sweet reward
achieved in your own righteousness, then boast.

When messengers of Satan’s host draw near and buffet unrelentingly
the soul already at its breaking point, then boast.

When hardships tear away all earthly comforts,
leaving you without a single foothold as you struggle up the cliff’s sheer face, then boast.

Which mental illness, you may ask, has taken hold so forcefully
that I would bid one boast in utter brokenness?

Not mental illness but new sight affords
the heart sweet joy though it be brought down low.

For there, at rope’s despondent end
and empty barrel’s bottom, Jesus’ grace is found.

It’s there, amid the stench of human weaknesses,
that Jesus makes his power perfect.

So once again I bid your heart and mine to boast when our own frailty manifests itself
to all the world and shame would utterly consume all natural sensibilities.

For when I’m weak, I’m strong, and therefore I will boast so that Christ’s power
might fall hard upon my needy soul and he alone be glorified, not me.

© 2013 Eric Evans

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