Behold the Lamb of God!

“Behold the Lamb of God!” was written by a dear friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous.  Thanks, friend, for your writing!

Behold the Lamb of God!

There once was a man named Abraham
Called by the great I AM
To sacrifice a lamb
His son Isaac

They went up to the top of the hill
Where a ram would be killed
And stood still
To wait for God

As Abraham raised his knife
To take his son’s life
He thought of his wife
And the promise

But Abraham believed God’s Word
Though it seemed quite absurd
Almost as if God had erred
In giving him a son

However, Abraham knew as he reached toward Isaac’s head
That God could raise him from the dead
Because of what He had said
About the nations

“Stop!” the angel said boldly
“Thank you for doing what God hath told thee
But do not slay your son, your only
The Lord will provide”

Although, it wasn’t through the ram that God made a way
For Abraham and his descendants to stand blameless on the judgment day
Because the blood of bulls and goats could never repay
The debt of love we owe

Instead it was his only begotten Son that God gave
To die on the cross, who then rose from the grave
His people to save
The true Lamb of God

So provide the Lord did by sending his Son
The almighty, majestic, glorious, holy One
To do what no Isaac, ram, or earthly lamb could have done
Free us from our sin

Let me hear your thoughts

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