Newfound Song’s One-Year Anniversary

My blog turns one
In November of 2011 I began this blog, mostly as an outlet for all the thoughts and poems I had bouncing around my heart and head.  My desire for this site, as stated in the “About this Blog” page, remains the same: “May my words here be songs to your ears.  May the result be a sense of wonder at the greatness of God in saving sinners and a sense of hope that he’s worth trusting in yourself.”  My hope is that these words–these new songs of a man given to him by the God who pulled him up out of the pit and set his feet on solid rock–might affect your heart in such a way that you see him as good and begin to love him and trust him and fear him yourself.

Looking back over this past year
The first poem published on this blog was “Unrestrained.”  My first devotional, besides the welcome, was called “Why I’m a Christian.”

Some of my favorite posts over the past year include:

Feel free to share what you find here with others.  Grace and peace to you as you read.

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Let me hear your thoughts

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