J.I. Packer on Mortifying Sin

From a video originally posted on Desire God. Click here to read the post and watch the video.

Some words of wisdom from J.I. Packer on fighting sin:

  • ask God to help you see sin as God sees it
  • pray that the Holy Spirit would drain the life out of sin
  • in prayer, seek to see and to fellowship with the Lord Jesus, whose disciple and servant you are
  • cherish the grateful love of God
  • thank Jesus for the new life I’ve been given by him

“I expect to find as I pray along these lines… that the sinful desire which was grabbing my heart is getting weaker, and love and loyalty to the Lord, a spirit of praise, adoration, and thanksgiving, is getting stronger and stronger. I experience at that point what Thomas Chalmers called the expulsive power of a new affection. Love to the Father and the Son simply drains the life out of love for sin. I never get to the end of mortifying sin because sin in my heart… is constantly expressing itself in new, disorderly desires” (J.I. Packer, from a video with Desiring God).

After 65 years of being a Christian, J.I. Packer says that there are sinful desires associated with old age just like there are sinful desires associated with youth. Yet even at age 85, he returns to prayer and the practices mentioned above to mortify sin. I am thankful for the example of this older, godly man who has remained faithful through the years and has never let up in his personal battle with his fallenness.


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