As For Man

A meditation on Psalm 103:14-17 dedicated to Pastor Tom Eckblad

Lilium asiático blanco
(Photo credit: F. C. Romero)

Amid a sprawling field where lilies grow
There grew up one that towered above the rest.
In fairest white and luscious green was dressed
This son to whom the Father did bestow
His love and grace that he might humbly show
The same to other lesser lilies faint, distressed
Beneath the sun’s harsh rays, his life’s bequest
To them what God had granted him to know.

Yet naught but grass was this soon withering flower,
And fade he would, time’s wind him passing o’er.
As his leaf droops we lesser lilies cower
And fear the absence of his bracing bower.
Though he be gone we’ll cling to something more:
That though grass fails God’s love remains our power.

© 2012 Eric Evans


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