Reasons for the Resurrection

In my last post I argued that Christ’s resurrection is paramount to the Christian faith. In fact, if it didn’t happen, find another religion because this one isn’t worth your time. That’s how vital this single event is to Christianity.

So, did it happen?  The website has done a much better job than I could of compiling a defense of the resurrection.  Follow this link to read their article “How do we really know that Jesus Christ rose from the dead?”.  Especially insightful are their “six skeptical objections most frequently used by critics of Christ’s resurrection” listed as links at the bottom of the article.

What a sweet grace is ours to know that Jesus wants us to believe in him.  He’s not hiding behind some curtain and whispering our names to see if we’ll recognize his voice.  He’s loudly proclaiming truth to us in the form of eye-witness testimony recorded in four separate gospel accounts, hard facts, utterly changed lives, and an empty tomb.  These are his way of speaking to us today.  Do you hear his voice?  If so, respond today.  His sheep hear his voice and he knows them, and they follow him (John 10:27).

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