Delight in God’s Good Gifts

It’s not a sin to find delight in friends,
New clothes, or sunny skies. And jobs begun
are meant to gratify the heart when done.
With joy receive the Father’s gifts! Suspend
All guilt and let your soul’s enraptured joy extend,
As long as when it rains you’re not undone,
And when your favorite song is left unsung,
Your heart to doom’s dark pit does not descend.
Oh God, unleash your grace; help us to find
A balance by which we might both receive
Your gifts yet not by them our lives define.
We love you for your blessings yet don’t cleave
To them as gods. The lack of rain’s refined
Us—taught us you, not rain, are our relief.

© 2011 Eric Evans


4 thoughts on “Delight in God’s Good Gifts

  1. So true! So simple- yet how easily forgotten when we take our eyes off of the Giver of blessings.
    Thank you, Lord, the blessing of these words- and for the writer.

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