Innocence Lost, Glory Gained

Behind those eyes of yours so brown,
At times I catch a future frown
That may one day replace your cheer
As life’s dark side begins to rear
Its ugly head and youth’s sun sets.
From weathered heartache, mounting debts,
Crushed, awe-filled dreams, depressing loss,
Adult’s drab glower spreads across
One’s face like gangrene takes a toe,
A marring rot, one cruel and slow.
The sickness works to guarantee
That beautiful transparency
Is colored in with ashes charred—
Blinds drawn, walls up, doors locked, heart barred.
It binds once unbound liberty
And casts faith out on doubt’s dark sea.
Bright, vibrant wonder dims to gray,
Becoming cynicism’s prey.
An openness, once unashamed,
Is turned to shadowed secrets chained
Within a nervous heart that fears
Another’s judgments, jokes, or jeers.

Oh, precious eyes of yours so brown,
I fear that maturation’s frown
May soon assail your innocence
And turn youth’s tune to dissonance.

And yet, brown eyes, I’m not content
To leave you sheltered, ignorant
Of life’s disturbing truths of pain,
For glimpses of the Lamb once slain
And genuine perceptions of
The greatness of the Father’s love
Are offered just to those who bear
Hatred of sin’s consuming snare.
So don’t be blind, dear child, of all
Adulthood has in store; man’s fall
And all its horrors rightly seen
Will drive your soul to Christ pristine.
So I will not bemoan the find
Of sin’s sick cancer of the mind
If such a grim discovery
Compels your soul’s recovery
And leads you to the cross. May ills
Constrain your search for him who kills
The sin that robbed your virgin smile
And beautifies each sin-caused trial,
For he is joy though grownup’s frown
Has dashed young hopes of eyes so brown.

© 2011 Eric Evans

3 thoughts on “Innocence Lost, Glory Gained

  1. My mother used to say, ” There’s no fool like an old fool.” Somehow this came to mind as I read this.
    I used to think that as an adult, I would have life all figured out. Yet I have found that not to be the way. We always continue to learn- and make mistakes- and learn more- and make more mistakes. The Lord’s long suffering with us ‘old folks’ is so precious as only He can heal “sin’s sick cancer of the mind” and return us to the joy of our salvation – but only after we again and again humble ourselves before Him and admit our pride, our ignorance, our foolishness.
    TLord who can heal

    1. I think the hard part about receiving grace is having to realize your desperate need for it. While ignorance is bliss, it’s still ignorant! I think wisdom generally goes with age because the older a person gets, the more he’s come to realize about how things really are. Those are hard discoveries, but very needful, especially to drive a person to see his need of Jesus.

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