From Gray to Gold

You are the God who changes death’s cold gray
To life’s resplendent shades of greens and golds.
You are the God who overflows with day
And crushes night for those inside your fold.
You are the God who reaches down not shamed
To put a hand on broken sinners’ backs.
You are the God, despite your hallowed name,
Who condescends in light of desperate lack.
What joy is patiently afforded those
Who cling the more to God’s dear son revealed.
Ev’n when the heart is caught in death’s dark throes,
The promise rings of life and heart soon healed.
How great and kind and beautiful the God
Whose love spares not his harsh yet healing rod!

© 2011 Eric Evans


8 thoughts on “From Gray to Gold

    1. Thank you for your encouraging word. I’m glad this was a blessing. It’s hard to see the gold behind the gray sometimes, but it’s there. It’s always there.

      Grace and peace to you,

    1. Thanks, Eliza, very much. That’s exactly what I want this blog to accomplish: more bowing down and more looking up to our great God. Grace and peace to you, and Happy New Year, too!

  1. “The promise rings of life and heart soon healed.”
    What a great God we serve! So holy- yet looks down on us in love- unable to break His promises- blessing us with blessings so undeserved- working in us in ways we aren’t able to understand- and sometimes painful- yet He gives us His grace to go on- sometimes running through adversity- sometimes stumbling – but able to press on due to His strength and His promises.
    At age 52, I am just beginning to understand that it is good when my strength fails. Only then do I feel my utter dependence on the Lord- only then can I see His hand working. When I get out of the Lord’s way with my pride and selfishness of working for my will, then His will becomes so clear, so strong, so amazing, so easy. Only then I can feel the “strength of eagle’s wings” and the load that I was carrying becomes light.
    Thank you, Lord, for the blessings of Eric’s writings.

    1. It is because God loves us that he doesn’t want us to depend on anything else but him. Nothing else will satisfy our souls or supply our needs like him. And so in grace, in such tender love, and with infinite patience, he takes away all other gods that we trust in until all we have is him. That’s how much he loves us.

      Love you!

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