God is so good.  Not only does he pull men up out of the miry pit, he also puts “a new song in [their] mouths, a song of praise to… God” (Psalm 40:3a).  So God’s salvation is not merely a saving us from something.  It’s a saving us to something.  He saves us from the pit, but that’s not all.  He gives us a song to sing.  A new song.  A song of praise to him for his greatness.  And those songs have a specific end that they are to accomplish.  “Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the LORD” (Psalm 40:3b).  When the God of the universe pulls a man up out of the pit, that man can’t help but sing.  And when he does, people can’t help but overhear.  And when people overhear the unbridled praises of a man to his God at his awesome work, the end result is their fear and trust in that same great, redeeming, song-giving God.  May my words here be songs to your ears.  May the result be a sense of wonder at the greatness of God in saving sinners and a sense of hope that he’s worth trusting in yourself.


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